Gerard Armond Powell Interview Part 2

03:30 INTERVIEWER: At a certain point gerard powell net worth was over million bucks, as well as I acquired my very first aircraft in my 30s. I took a company public.

Gerard Armond Powell

I had about $140 million net worth. I went barged in my late 30s in the dot-com accident, and I began one more business when I was 38 years of ages that I sold when I was 41 for about $90 million in cash money, as well as I quit working.

And that tale sounds nice as well as wonderful and all this thing like a dust cloths to riches sort of bullshit tale, yet the fact of it, the underlying reality of it was that throughout that time, I became a world class asshole, among the biggest strolling pricks in the world.

Gerard Armond Powell Allowing Abundance Through Honesty

So in my life, I was a genuine fucking asshole. And also not just was I an asshole, I was dissatisfied, I was addicted to cocaine and also pole dancers and also sex as well as alcohol and even injectable Demerol.

04:22 Gerard Armond Powell: I was, absolutely nothing was off limits to me, that there had not been way too many points I had not been addicted to or I could not discover a way to come to be addicted to something actual rapidly.

As well as I was self-destructive, I attempted suicide twice. I was married, I had 2 terrific youngsters.

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