Powerful Plant Medicine Coupled with Ancient Wisdom: Experience Rythmia

The Amazon Basin has been the home of plant medicine-wielding indigenous tribes for centuries. Just recently the western world has begun tapping into ancient wisdom at Rythmia Life Advancement Center. Although Rythmia isn’t the first or only place to experience the potential of plant medicine, it is the only luxury resort with over a 97% miracle rate to provide such a service.

In addition to centuries of Ancient wisdom at Rythmia, the resort itself is located in one of the world’s only Blue Zones!

“Blue zones,” the special five places on the globe where individuals live longer and far better, attract health fanatics looking for a much more rewarding life. Rythmia Life Improvement Facility’s distinct location in Guanacaste, Costa Rica – in the heart of one such Blue Area – supports its mission of fusing old wisdom and contemporary strategies to produce a transformative, life-altering experience for visitors in among the globe’s most beautiful locations.

Writer Dan Buettner created the term “Blue Area” as part of his study on the geographical locations that host several of the world’s earliest people, 5 areas heralded for just how their locals live incredibly lengthy lives, usually two decades above average.

Blue areas have exceptionally high rates of nonagenarians and also centenarians with vigor despite aging, thanks to healthier diet plans and also environmental top quality. Blue area citizens’ way of lives are characterized by higher involvement with friends and family, and also lower prices of chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, anxiety, and also mental deterioration. There is plenty to enjoy aside from the ancient wisdom at Rythmia.

Rythmia is developed with those same goals in mind. “Our team believes in not only adding years to your life but life to your years,” stated Dr. Jeff McNairy, chief clinical officer & co-founder of Rythmia. “A lot of individuals invest the 3rd fifty percent of their life ill, miserable, as well as longing for more youthful days. Our programs at Rythmia help our visitors develop a longer as well as a better life.”

Rythmia’s plant medicine retreat in Costa Rica’s blue zone uses Ayahuasca ceremonies, farm-to-table natural meals, rhythmic breathwork classes, massages, ancient wisdom at Rythmia, Dead Sea cleanse therapies, yoga exercise classes, and also various other methods that create the deepest recovery possible over the course of seven days.

Rythmia’s transformative experience increases the quality of life as well as well-being for guests in the natural recovery environment of a blue zone, thanks to higher air top quality, environmental measures, healthier diet plans, and the general wellness-focused culture of the location.

“Hand-crafting the ancient wisdom at Rythmia experience to straighten with natural blue zone advantages and also techniques permits us to produce the most powerful, life-altering experience that influences guests for many years to find,” McNairy stated.

Ancient Wisdom at Rythmia (not pictured)

The Rythmia Way (Ancient Wisdom at Rythmia)

The Rythmia Way program is a mix of old knowledge as well as contemporary methods in an all-inclusive, high-end medically-licensed plant medicine center; total with medical physicians as well as traditional healers or shamans. The techniques in this program are designed to develop the deepest recovery possible.

During your seven-day program, you’ll obtain three individualized workshops instructed by Gerard Powell, as well as Michael Beckwith’s “The Answer is You” course, alternative medicine, health food, day spa, massage therapy, volcanic mud baths, life-coaching, The Dead Sea Cleanse, meditation training, coastlines, bikes, and extra!

Miracle course

In this class on Ancient Wisdom at Rythmia, owner and also chief executive officer Gerard (Gerry) Powell shares his story as well as how as well as why Rythmia concerned exists. Gerry has actually personally curated all aspects of the Rythmia Method program in order to offer each and every guest the best chance of experiencing their miracle through a deliberate combination of alternative medicine events and personal growth workshops. Essentially 50 hours of investment in you.

Chief executive officer Gerard
Visitors will receive concentrated interest throughout the week with improved natural medicine experiences and combination time with medicine men and clinical staff.


Experience four extensive as well as soul-merging plant medication events throughout your trip. Led by respected shamans and also healers, each event is tailored to aid visitors receive the wonder. To day, Rythmia has performed over 32,000 private ceremonial experiences. Ceremonies are led by experienced shamans who have actually been learnt the Colombian custom by Taita Juanito and various other well-respected teacher shamans.

Deluxe lodging

The recently remodelled casitas are a tropical-chic haven, geared up with brand new beds, furniture, medical art, as well as washroom components. The luxury lodging gives comfort and also security for your journey throughout the week. Select from a private King Casita or share a Dual or Three-way Casita.

Luxury Lodging
Farm-to-table, organic meals

After recieving ancient wisdom at Rythmia, visitors get nutrition in one of the most encouraging and aligned means feasible via meals curated specifically for the plant medicine as well as spiritual operate at Rythmia.

Farm-to-table, natural meals
The cook, Meg Pearson, developed the farm-to-table food selections to enhance the Rythmia Way program, using her vast knowledge of plant-based as well as nutrient-dense food preparation, integrated with a number of years of input from numerous medicine workers and also medicine man from around the globe.

Origins supplies whole-food, plant-focused price that not just supports visitors as well as team yet also comforts and inspires harmony with ancient wisdom at Rythmia.

Recovering massages

Ancient Wisdom at Rythmia (not pictured)

This isn’t your routine spa experience, this is a massage done by Healing Touch Practitioners that support your body using essential oils. The massage therapy method used is designed to collaborate with plant medication experiences to aid in removing more energy as well as trauma from your body that no more offer you.

Ancient Wisdom at Rythmia (not pictured)

Dead Sea Cleanse therapies cleanse your body to prepare for ancient wisdom at Rythmia

The Dead Sea Cleanse is one of the most total hydrotherapy treatments worldwide to clear your body of bloodsuckers as well as toxic substances.

Dead Sea Clean therapies
The Dead Sea Cleanse is one of the most modern therapy worldwide for cleaning the inner body organs as well as the digestive system. It’s of vital relevance to have a clean vessel and also heal the physical body to which your spiritual self can reside. Scientific proof and ancient wisdom have revealed that what we put in our body, as well as the microbes that occupy our body have a monumental influence on just how we really feel and also act.

Rythmic Breathwork courses

Breathwork courses concentrate on therapeutic breathing methods for recovery and change. Feeling a deeper connection to your body brings you closer to the ancient wisdom at Rythmia.

Rythmic Breathwork classes
By consciously working on your breath, you can enter enhanced states of awareness to launch trauma to clean the spirit. Unleash ancient wisdom at rythmia one breath at a time. These classes are conducted by highly educated breathwork facilitators as well as world-renowned senior instructors.

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