A Breathwork Experience: Fail Proof Improvement in 2023!

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Come to the world’s #1 rated ayahuasca Retreat on TripAdvisor with guest speaker classes, yoga, luxury services and Breathwork Experiences.

With the Number of wonderful Reviews, Rythmia is a transformational vacation. The incredible thing is that each person has a chance to experience their individual miracle

Rythmia Breathwork Experience

Rythmia Breathwork Experience Endogenous Acceleration 

The Rythmia Breathwork Experience can alter your perception through every moment and every inhalation.
What is the effect that breathwork experiences have on athletes, musicians, programmers and any other high intensity professionals? 
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Get Inspired By Yoga and Breathwork Experiences At Rythmia 

Combine the past and future of healing by harmonizing every function of your body. Breathwork experiences and Yoga combined with plant medicine can life-changing.
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At Rythmia they incorporate the old traditional massage styles and the most to-date technologies to ease your pain and help you relax. 
Ancient healing and unparalleled rejuvenation directly from the Egyptian Sea. Come to Rythmia to witness and behold the healing power of the ancient world.
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The yoga classes Rythmia are sure to help you find your center and relax your body and mind while enjoying the beauty of the natural location.


Dead Sea Cleanse Treatments at Rythmia 

The dead sea treatments are utilized to assist the body in releasing toxins that would prevent you from reaching your soul-merger.