Rythmia’s Shaman talks can help prepare and guide you through your Rythmia Life Advancement Center Experience

Rythmia the Key to Releasing Holiday Stress


Guests also learn how to be more mindfully present, how to use physical activity to manage stress, and ways to connect with their emotions in a safe, inviting environment. 

As the holidays approach, Rythmia healers will focus on helping guests practice mindfulness.”


Rythmia is the ultimate spiritual vacation located in Costa Rica, in an all-inclusive luxury resort
The major defining difference is that Rythmia is a resort and Soltara is a retreat center, and I’ll get into how that translates into your experience in the episode. 


Preparing for My first Experience with Rythmia Life Advancement Center

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“As I sit here on the plane looking deep into the clouds, watching the sky melt from blue into yellow, golden, then into soft tones of orange, I think, “Holy shit, is this really happening?” I’d always wanted to travel to Costa Rica. Beach. Sun. Surf. I mean, what more could you want? I had a lot of friends who’d traveled the country. But my trip wasn’t going to be like theirs.”